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MRIS, Sector-46, Gurgaon | Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day Celebration


Earth Day Celebration

Posted by webcontroller in News(Highlights of the month) 23 Apr 2015

Tribute to Mother Earth

On 22nd April 15- a day that is celebrated globally as Earth Day, MRIS-46 faculty and learners saluted the ‘Giver of Life’- Earth, by organizing multiple events and activities. It was acknowledged as a time of reckoning of the blessings showered on every being dwelling on this beautiful planet Earth. The plethora of activities comprised of the special assembly conducted by the children of various Grades. The students of Early Years had a plantation activity within the school premises.  “The EARTH is what we ALL have in common”, was the message depicted by drawings of the student of early years.

Students from primary wing were shown slide show on ‘ Use of Polybags’, wrote a pledge on Save the Earth and had a quiz and debate session.Students of Grade V were taken for Earth day rally to Greenwood City, Gurgaon where they had an experience of maintaining  their  environment by taking care of plants and their surroundings .The  Students of grade VI went out for tree plantation and the 7th Graders prepared a compost pit. Earth Day Survey was conducted by Grade 8,  the ninthies made a 3 fold pamphlets and the tenthies made amazing posters, which highlighted actions each person can take to make our Earth a more sustainable and eco-friendly place to live. The day also observed the distribution of  certificates and medals to winners and participants of Camlin colouring competition, Inter school chess championship and International English Olympiad. A pledge was taken by all the students in support of a healthier and more sustainable treatment of the environment.




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