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Kinesiology Workshop


Kinesiology Workshop

Posted by webcontroller in News(Highlights of the month) 05 Jan 2015

Kinesiology Workshop

At Manav Rachna International School-46

Workshop for parents on kinesiology was held at MRIS-46

Kinesiology: Kinesiology also known as human kinetics is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical and psychological mechanisms.   Basic principles of kinesiology were discussed and hands on activities were conducted.   Parents actively and enthusiastically participated in all the activities.   The activities and stations aimed to improve eye hand coordination, balancing, team building, cognitive skills and listening skills.

Feedback of the parent participants was quite encouraging:  “Awesome workshop we enjoyed very much and learnt activities for our children that will help them very much”.

“Had a lot of fun and surely will try all activities at home, thanks for doing this”.

“It was a very stimulating interactive session”.

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