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Play and Expressive Art


Play and Expressive Art

Posted by webcontroller in News(Highlights of the month) 19 Mar 2015



A workshop on “Play and Expressive Art” was conducted by the SEN Department at MRIS 46, Gurgaon for Early Years Teachers.

Objective of the workshop was to give teachers an idea about “How to use art, music and movement in the classroom”.

Teachers were given hands on activities on expressive art, music, movement and drama.
Following activities were conducted during the session.

a) Name introduction activity (Ice – breaker)

b) Imagine and act.

c) Parachute activity.

d) Vocabulary games.

e) Closure activity with the use of rhymes.
Teachers enjoyed and actively participated in the hands on activities.  They felt they could use the activities with the children in the class room setting.

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